Nordics Sedumtray

Sempergreen Nordics Sedumtray The Sempergreen Nordics Sedumtray is a light and user-friendly green roof solution. This handy Sedumtray is made of recycled PET and can be used on flat and sloped roofs, up to 15 degrees. Because of their low weight and handy size, they're an easy-to-install solution suitable for many kinds of roofs.  


Nordics Sedumtray composition

The Sempergreen Nordics Sedumtray is a precultivated green roof solution, with at least 95% coverage upon delivery. It boasts 6 to 8 different species of Sedum. The plants grow on a special substrate developed by Sempergreen. Sebaceous Sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves and are therefore extremely suitable for varying weather conditions. The Sedumtray container is made of recycled PET.

Delivery and installation

The Sempergreen Nordics Sedumtray can be ordered by piece. Each tray measures 40.0 x 60.0 cm. Sempergreen Nordics Sedumtrays are very easy to install. The trays can be placed next to each other. To protect the roofing we advise to place a protective cover underneath the trays, which also absorbs 4 litres of water per square meter.  

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Please note: this product is only available in Europe

Sedum close-up of Nordics trays