Olivine gravel

Olivine with SedumOlivine is a mineral rock with the unique property of extracting CO2 from the atmosphere. By using the decorative gravel around the edges of a green roof, it contributes even more to cleaner and healthier air. When Olivine comes into contact with rainwater, it helps with water deacidification and creates a natural reaction in which CO2 is turned into other substances that serve as nutrition for plants. 

Olivine permanently removes as much as 1 time its own weight of CO2 from the air and in doing so, decreases global warming. So, 1 kg of Olivine extracts 1 kg CO2!


Olivine can be used on green roofs to create a sustainable vegetation-free zone, at roof edges or around drains and other objects. This prevents substrate or other small materials from ending up in the drain and causing blockages. The mineral has a grey/green colour. 

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