Peach stones

Peach stones on a Sedum roofPeach stones are the hardwood cores (pits) of peaches. They can be used to create a vegetation-free zone around the edge of a green roof, offering a warm appearance as well as other benefits, like providing isolation and reducing CO2. The eco-friendly peach stones have a long durability of at least 30 years. They don’t absorb moisture and are not affected by mold, rot, and moss or algae growth.

During the cultivation process of the peach, part of the CO2 that’s absorbed is stored in the pit. Every kilogram of peach stones can store 1.8 kg of CO2 for decades! Due to their relatively light weight, the transportation of peach stones also has a lower CO2 footprint. 

Peach stones are a 100% natural (residual) material!          


Peach stones can be used on green roofs to create a sustainable vegetation-free zone along the edges. A 30 cm wide zone along the sides can stop substrate or other small materials from ending up in the drain. This minimises the chances of blockage of the drain. Take a look at the fact sheet for more information. 

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