Click 'n go Sedumtray

Click 'n go SedumtrayThe Sempergreen Click 'n go Sedumtray is a ready-to-use tray that can be placed directly on the roof for immediate green results. In this way you have a direct-green roof in less than no time.



Click 'n go Sedumtray composition

The Sempergreen Click 'n go Sedumtray is manufactured from recycled HDPE. The tray is pre-cultivated with six to eight different types of Sedum. The plants grow on a substrate especially developed by Sempergreen. The Click 'n go Sedumtray always boast at least 95% coverage on delivery. The succulent Sedum plants are well able to store water in the leaves and therefore performs extremely well under various weather conditions.

Delivery and installation

The Click 'n go Sedumtrays are available individually, with dimensions 45.0 x 49.5 cm. These trays can be used on flat and gently sloping roofs with a pitch of up to 15 degrees. Installation is very simple. The Sedum trays can be clicked together. To protect the roofing, we recommend placing a protective cover under the trays.

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Please note: this product is only available in Europe & Australia

Click 'n go Sedumtray